089 - Novid

Finally, after a two month hiatus, Mitch and Dao get together to talk about how little amount of things they've been up to.

Mitch and Dao discuss the moral dilemmas involved with consuming pets during an apocalypse.

087 - Home surgery

Mitch and Dao discuss the morals of performing surgery if you aren't a surgeon.

Mitch and Dao discuss things they don't know anything about, such as video-game physics, and they also eat sausages.

Dao and Mitch talk about a little thing called Coronavirus. Why bother listening to qualified, educated doctors out there when you can get your information from two uninformed, irrelevant idiots?

084 - Murder Tarp

Mitch and Dao come up with some merch ideas that will get them on a government watch list, and they contemplate fun ways to destroy jet skis.

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