067 - Pedo-ometer

Dao and Mitch rant. Podcast probably contains lots of BMX and moto talk. No apologies for this. They also rant about diversity in occupations. Shut up and listen!

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Dao and Mitch explore Australia's answer to 'Florida man', the Western Suburbs enigma known as 'Point Cook Man'.

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Well, once again, Mitch and Dao don't get around to doing the quiz, but they do talk about BMX at length though, and Dao bores Mitch with BMX stories from the early 2000s. BMX is awesome.

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Mitch and Dao do a quiz. But first, they invent a new extreme sport that is sure to revolutionise the world! Well, take a current popular thing and add some stereotypes, anyway.

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Dao and Mitch catch up after not doing the podcast for a while, and don't even get around to doing the quiz!

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062 - Adult nappies

Mitch denies growing up in hobo lifestyle, and Dao tells Mitch a horrible story about his disgusting friends on a wakeboarding trip. They also do the quiz! This one is from the 21st of June 2019 issue of the Herald Sun.

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